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Finding Atlantis

What is Atlantis?

It is the lost continent that has fascinated mankind since antiguity – and many archaeologists, researchers and adventurers have tried to find. The Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 BC) is the ancient main source of this legendary land.

Since his time several thousand books have been written about Atlantis. But it has never been found – so far!

Can it be found?

This cultural realm of progress was an example to how the Earth could gradually be populated and prosper. Unfortunately it was destroyed about 14.000 years ago by subsidence of the ocean floor in conjunction with violent volcanic eruptions.

Thanks to great advancement within deep sea technology and the right search area it is now possible to find.

Why is it important?

Finding Atlantis is finding the deepest roots of human culture. That is combining the genius of science with the cultural evolution of mankind.

When Atlantis is located we must rewrite where and when mankind became civilized and intelligent.


Made Atlantis come alive

Plato was a highly respected statesman, historian and philosopher – a pupil of Socrates.

He was the first person to write a description of Atlantis. Before him the story of Atlantis was only oral. But those who say that Atlantis is just a myth which Plato invented, and many others copied, are wrong. Plato was not the first historian to mention Atlantis.


The architecture of Atze ́s Temple

The construction shows that it was built according to meticulous planning, followed through to the last detail, consideration having been given also to the architectural feasibility as well as to the practical work involved in the erection of the temple.

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