Other Ancient Sources

Other historical writers on Atlantis

Plato was neither the first nor the last person from antiquity to mention Atlantis. About half a century before him Herodotus wrote this name in Greek: ”The Atlantis Sea.”

According to “The History of Atlantis”, 1896 by Scott- Elliott several other antique historians mentioned Atlantis:
Marcellus (Roman consul, c 270 to 208 BC) talks of 7 islands in the Atlantic Ocean and states that the inhabitants still keep the memory of a much larger island, Atlantis, which for a long time ruled the other islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Didorus Siculus (Greek historian, 1st century),tells that the Phoenicians discovered a big island in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules several days of sailing off the African coast.

Aelian (c 170 – 235) rhetorician, speaks in his “Varia Historia” (3. book, chapter 18) of a gathering of the king of Phrygia and Silenos. Silenos mentions the presence of a continent beyond the Atlantic Ocean that was bigger than Asia, Europe and Libya in all.

Proclus (412-485) played a crucial role in the transmission of Platonic philosophy from antiquity to the Middle Ages.
He quotes briefly an old writer, that speaks of the islands in the ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Strait of Gibraltar) and says, that the inhabitants of one of these islands know of an extremely big island called Atlantis, that for long periods of time ruled over all the other islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

After this Scott-Elliott emphasizes Plato as the greatest authority on this subject.