What will happen

When we find the remains of
Atze’s Temple in Atlantis?

  • We want to find out if a major landmass, a utopia-like realm people call Atlantis, once existed? We want to know, if man´s hopeful dreams of finding it can come true.
  • Thousands of books, many documentaries, lectures and discussions, thoughts and expeditions have been created to locate Atlantis.
  • Based on PLATO and others we focus on an area in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean i.e. ”beyond the Pillars of Hercules” (Gibraltar).
  • To WHOM is it important? It will be the most surpricing, unusual and uplifting experience to mankind. It will baffle science and make peoples of the world feel better and more connected.
  • The MISSING LINK will be established between the cultures of Central America and the Mediterranean. Pyramids, temples, flod legends, balming traditions etc are common to both places.
  • The CRADLE of man´s culture will change time and place, and history will be rewritten.
  • MARINE ARCHAEOLOGISTS will be amazed and DEEP SEA SCIENCE will experience new challenges.
  • Once ATZE´S TEMPLE has been found a search area the size of Spain is open to mankind´s curiousity and love of adventure.
  • All the DEEP SEA EXPLORATION COMPANIES will clap their hands – now they have a lost culture to investigate.
  • FILM, TV, MAGAZINES, STREAMING companies and TOURIST organizations will grow.
  • The EU COUNTRIES bordering the Atlantic Ocean will work together and guard the find as a precious gift for the benefit of everyone.
  • UNESCO will be happy declaring oceanic zones protected against looting and preserved.
  • THE AZORES will be busy delivering harbour facilities, hotels rooms, shipping services, diving permissions and will experience a tourist rush.
  • MAYBE we will feel a little more united as one people with a common past – something to live up to.
  • Companies, private sponsors, foundations, crowdfunding etc. are going to finance this find. We ourselves have saved the last 10 years and donate 400.000 $.
  • We shall start doing a sonar scanning (“moving the lawn”) for the remains of human activities. When this is proven, the actual investigation will begin.
  •  To be able to document the destroyed temple, city and harbour we will need some more funding.