Who are we?

We have worked on this project for many years using all possible spare time.

We are all three Danish citizens.

Jesper Nissen, 49, IT manager and Ceo at SEO Danmark. Holds a master of theoretical physics from Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University.

Martin Laungaard, 54, educated electrician and experienced filmmaker having produced and directed films and documentaries.

Carsten Skaarup, 70, teacher, bachelor in the science of religion, author (on Atlantis), done documentaries.

Locating Atlantis and taking up artefacts is the dream of our lives – proving the liability of the unique spiritual source. This drives us. Our vision is a lighter, brighter and more peacefull future for humanity. We belive in success for this venture due to 3 conditions:

Authentic information, great progress in deep sea research and great advances of internet communication.

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-Antoon Kuijpers, geologist at GEUS, Geological Survey for Greenland and Denmark

-Bo Krogh, Senior Surveyor, director, Denmark.